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Current Video:Manchester City v Newcastle Premier League Highlights 03/30/13|

Would Manchester City heap more pressure on Newcastle as the Magpies attempt to avoid getting stuck in a relegation dog fight.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Premier League title may have little vaccinated Manchester City not against it Newcastle side 86 points about the dedication say. Pathetic this -- -- it's -- hitting second place invitational. It was a rather heated atmosphere at -- -- at stake yet and at best opportunity to get in the way the days it is at BC states it fit. Tackle who would blitz off the beaten Jen how city -- to escape a beach and -- twelve matches against New Castle -- and if that. It took nearly enough to really get costing me the ability to -- Silva BC. Analysts had hits and I didn't think his seventh goal. In his last panties. The things that makes it has its case. It's night with the Argentinean. Fifteenth goal of the season. Competitions Manchester City native -- built like a mistake at half time it's time that it's still not acceptable hospital -- into the you've canceled a little. -- Sammy and asked me to six -- the opportunity pulled us back yet it's going to be school and he filled seats at. Do you penciled into adolescence and the way back TC and maybe unique. Hopefully they did not go Eddie the second half the night antsy sake get a place to put it won't back that game was effectively gave up. It could see it happening. That to me with a cheeky innings to make it -- after that he would get fit into the area. Backfield for the -- team. It still. Feel today. He wouldn't be a Manchester City Whitney gets you cancel with -- -- Yuxi erectile. School new school the three day tickets that -- nice. It affects it. It's an excellent weeks ago. -- -- It is it'll keep me out -- these if placed. Insults and Manchester City strength in second place steel -- -- -- -- -- -- Cassel played sent to concentrate.

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