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How would Sunderland cope after Steven Fletcher and Lee Cattermole were ruled out of the remainder of the season?


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On the vs Manchester united defense in the league is with the jokes -- eighteen points for me. Looked like all the episodes of the first half of this opportunity. Coming inside -- and it's it's. Buckets of woods typically run. Maybe go to the city. It's good. It's. You know like sits in fronts. Just to -- off. We've been -- singles place it's been good facility and it's confusing because. With a little this try to scramble. Those adjustments and played it's. It's kind of recently. Christian and build the -- life -- -- Reliable news in the sun today. It's nice to put it close beginning. So what nothing at all -- so we'll blow slightly better -- to the right but without Pippen. People like people listen this is the best defense that it's. That tilts the following Lloyd disappoints -- -- you Johnson's going to substituted. He's had two routes that's good news -- And -- could have added -- that's -- in the -- and you know. It's the unless -- beat -- through it again. Really pulling things the ups and Colson is terrific save the game tonight. Some instability through. President at the -- eventually but for the phils to play -- back in the news. It ended weeks of the season bell and needs to -- to -- because -- good. For the -- pulled him and you think you should really. But some of the event to event this week for you had a -- but the United States they win seven straight -- the seats -- eighteen points clear. Champions and that's what -- --

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