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Chelsea interim manager Rafa Benitez rues his side's missed chances as they slumped to a 2-1 defeat at Southampton


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You could -- like me that -- the first half. When you're healthy -- that we would expect him to improve a lot in the second half. They have more chances to -- We didn't. Make the right decisions -- the final say about if we were there I would have chances. Distinction tissue release fifty points. More will be shipped it to us who have won gaming congress have to carry on concentrate -- Suddenly come on Monday. And then start thinking of all. Thursday and after some -- at home so. They sit there wait until it was too much time thinking. We'll have to be ready for the next don't know if I would have to two months swept so we have to me. Too many options some positions so we have to use it to have been I think that would have to use it would be different. We've put too much faith in the first half because we have the -- in the second half to win. So I think that this you have to approach every game and make him the most important we thought. We've these plays could be fine. It was and you know in the first half was. As a savior for much for the in the second half -- -- still -- -- to in the end.

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