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Current Video:Is Luis Suarez leaving Liverpool?|

Check out what Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers had to say about Luis Suarez' future at the club.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He may have been on the other side to -- well put and it's national -- if you require last week. But it didn't take long to -- Reese wanted to set them -- -- -- is that a -- off to him to be the eighth to join a club the champions league potentials. And thousands says he -- if the Mets hardly great -- but it seems the manager may need to ability if you house rules. Iowa -- -- clearly a very very simple rule that when you -- Liverpool just talk about Liverpool. When you're away was an international teams. To concentrate on on an international team and -- don't drama so well. So Willy says when he's away with with the -- choir will -- in the bush said he would very much but Edmonton. And it's of no greater relevance to that. Is. What was lost in here for a long ball of course. -- So if Brendan Rodgers seems confident of -- activity top scorer at some field. Four point shall to fifth place and they get great links golf they casinos -- -- -- so focal point still be a concern. But not so much it could call his recruitment plans with a were in Europe or not things will. And really attract good players here. Of course what we that's where we would like to be that and a bit -- as into -- then. Still believe I'm going to be of league and players that can affect them and improvements and must challenge tonight. Two unit to bring those tapes and of course an accident numbers amongst. Didn't fool's folly to secure European football continues this weekend's. Following a surprise defeat to struggling -- Hudson also announced that means another relegation -- and side. Questionable to Aston Villa on Sunday.

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