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Current Video:Ferguson defends Ferdinand's England snub|

FOX Soccer News looks at the controversy surrounding Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand withdrawal from England's World Cup qualifiers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Alex Ferguson is speaking out about Rio Ferdinand decision to -- the English national team. Instead the united defender decided to take a trip to Qatar and analyze the games were out to zero TV three lines manager Roy Hodgson. Not pleased with that decision but Ferguson says he didn't have a problem with it. This is everything and grinned and being really person I think because we do them yourself. -- into it and this. Duplicity is doing extremely. How do we have a new nose and -- -- Pittsburgh games. Nothing that -- -- anything can do nothing really appreciated not. As personally yeah. The other thing will. To a truly touched on the cover these things over to us that we didn't sources. And then another thing this year to Villanova. Can tell it's. Good and ended did that we can build an improvement to do you want to do. Between us unless we can do here and criticize and hill with an internationally known. So. His his own choices things. BUS. Because it looks set to. There's some -- how finicky game become. -- it's. An extreme. Few good business move side it's been doing -- Zero. Many things it. I don't think we can change a thing as the ones they -- -- But meanwhile the English yet they are still seeking evidence -- -- England fans singing racist songs and that the Ferdinand Brothers. Club England managing director Adrian -- and sent this in a statement. What we have no reason to dispute the media reports. Which are without doubt made for the right reasons fighting racism. At this time we have not found any recorded evidence of these specific discriminatory. Chanting we're going to Rio and Anton Ferdinand and a wild bonfires on. We will BA -- with. -- -- and work with them to assist any investigation. -- evidence of any racial chanting we found we would expect. Action to be taken against individuals. Adding seventy. Now Ferdinand gave his reaction on Twitter to the reporter races chance -- the fans. You expected except banter from fans on the terraces and it's part of what makes the game great but racism is not banter and from your own fans while. Always a small minority who -- it for others he later pleaded. Let's not jump to conclusions and assume though as it might just have been better we'll see after the investigation. Was -- opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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