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Current Video:Chelsea face impossible schedule this week|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at Chelsea's complicated Premier League, FA Cup, and Europa League fixtures this week.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. It's a can't -- weekend for Chelsea as they begin a potentially season defining week gap on Saturday they sort of run of four matches in just nine days that these crucial games across three competitions that close former midfielder knocked us back -- is concerned the Rafa Benitez doesn't have a big enough squad to cope with the schedule all well -- -- reports. Before the international break Rafa Benitez enjoyed the best we can be short reign at Stamford Bridge. This Chelsea battled back against Manchester United in the FA cup. But if it's under one goal deficit to beat -- the rest in the Europa league and then clinically -- west ham in the Premier League. For the success -- fighting his final two months in charge could well be decided in the next nine days. He wants to win I think the FA cup he wants to win. We'll zero clearly and then Chelsea beat champions in Europe regain the whole bit so they were -- But tell you also go to say by the priority to Chelsea at the start the season to make sure they're in the champions league again. So who yeah he's got a lot of pressure on and Kenny rotate I don't think that reference has the size has scored way you can really leave it on -- -- plays out. And peak for the big games so every game there's like a cup final for reference to -- it and I'm. -- already played 53 times this season in seven competitions and potentially have another seventeen games ahead of them. Straight after that four matches in nine days as they face a grueling 3000 mile round trip to Moscow. The one downside to -- k's and -- Anyway and the man united to win the Premier League title they go to the champions league really the way into the second right competitions at the moment. And trying to finish in that top three -- -- -- to make -- intensely -- -- again next season and Chelsea in the -- Meeting new manager and also they need some new price strengths and that's what he's when you compare the Chelsea -- with the -- -- united. They're really haven't got the strength in depth to cope with the -- the sixties that hasn't tried to fill. Jose Mourinho was a Stamford bridge on Monday to watch Brazil play Russia but I've been widespread reports here in England -- week. That he -- greatest secret deal to return to Chelsea in the sum up six CAA itself to adapt as the 'cause most successful ever manager winning the premier -- twice. -- cops and then at night come. I think if. The majority Chelsea fans would -- Jones had to come back if you go back to the history jealousy he won the title. For Chelsea with the prize oversee the first army sixty years to always go to and history of the club I think he took the club and only -- trying to pitch to another level. And I think he's got a house here in London exec to say you'll -- He might -- we have a fraction of ingredients popularity. And only a small squad -- prize at his disposal but right now that he says does have Chelsea in home. Favorites for third place and fighting for two major pieces of silverware. -- and Chelsea for -- opinions. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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