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After weeks of speculation, Roberto Mancini has finally confirmed that he will stay at Manchester City.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- still weeks of speculation about -- Santini has finally concerned that he will stay at Manchester City. Reports had linked to nineteen -- is to Monica it was several million pounds. We adding to -- tenacity and the rest should dormant and yeah I don't tolerate on ice session -- right -- these fans happy at something of a mass exodus. But I'm fifty what do you see at least one that -- -- I won't be -- and TVE dad. Yeah is that there's this game it will. These days you. Think about that. People fight all fullback. -- -- four and one that's the way it stands now. Days Harrison. -- when he's. There -- manager. And stage yet but don't act like yeah yeah. Nineteen he may have -- city hope that the statement he sent. But in terms of success defending the -- -- -- to the season he hit me it's -- and Eva. It's all about is don't change nothing because. We should do our best on golf again. Because it and it felt the most women. You can't we manage that -- true for me -- couldn't let that we we know of the games and that we have more so it is. It seemed. That's basically find. Sixty still have some silverware to compete full night. They'll face either Chelsea or Manchester United in the F a cup semifinal on the fourteenth with a probe. This weekend it's a -- -- -- -- -- against -- so.

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