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Current Video:Sam Allardyce expected to sign with West Ham|

Find out on FOX Soccer News about Sam Allardyce being close to sign a contract to stay at West Ham United.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Remember those rumors of how they can you know becoming west ham manager. Not true discipline tips and advice to extend his contract expires in the season has told sky sport that he's on the verge of signing me up to bump. And that's what they have in the big stadium as of 26 stayed constant forcing. In the Premier -- It's just a question of. So it out they. That the Dawson of the allies in the course of the -- has always stuck you know. And that's as the easiest situation as you as you would like. You always substitution negotiated. When you move into your next contract because there were plenty of negotiations -- took the finish -- -- so we will hopefully. Come to a conclusion very short. If I can continue to grow. The -- -- the singles and that helps everybody to stop moving towards moving into the Olympic Stadium was one thing's for sure. If -- me that -- -- something Olympic Stadium with the team he thought to be the best team about some stability. That means it'll be. May soon and special -- -- -- the second longest time of of the band which will be. You know probably close to five years. For a for a manager that's a long time these days. -- that with the fact that so everybody seems to get -- more more impatient but we need to. New to this new stadium to compete with the Chelsea's and they're off school isn't. Undertones of this world and it and if we got to do that we -- stadium of the size of the Olympic -- -- do that that is one of the key things why we should -- And embrace the move to the Olympics take. How about this quicksand currently holds the highest win percentage of annual -- him manager -- it's wonderful sense of his matches in charge. Our guys is just that -- -- -- list. The 1990s. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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