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Current Video:Sunderland's Fletcher, Cattermole ruled out for season|

Find out why Sunderland's Lee Cattermole and Steven Fletcher will miss the rest of the Premier League season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This striker at key player Stephen Fletcher has not been ruled out for the rest of the season. That Fletcher remembered damaged ankle ligaments in the opening moments of this game Scotland's 21 home defeat by wells pounded on Friday night. The Cubs don't yet know if he's gonna require surgery. I'm not a Sunderland captain -- taxable will also miss a whole of the -- run in. I think having a knee operation earlier today. It's that policy it's possible arraignment the -- -- cuts is a C a big big part of that. The team that drive and a commitment is sold his his game. That's what reform is needed a little build some amendments being get him a tough. -- -- -- of -- -- remains -- improved this season high schools and about as cold we probably would have been a lot worse position. -- mean he's going to be definitely a big big miss school remains important for us trying let's make buck because embassies. Is an opportunity ecosystems of the -- saves. Yeah I think it's funny how things simple for us for the whole team so it's -- analysis team. It's awful performances and not know we kid a local. I think it's. It's employ enough someone else come from sort of the -- -- reflect mission. -- the government scored -- Eagles season sort of -- about many how many chances so we do -- chances of parliamentary we -- whoever. -- anything I think Johnny's just hopefully a couple of games we have from from an equivalent. But what about the loss of Fletcher. That record signing at the club escort outside of sun lens that if you -- this season with some of the winning just twice in the games at Fletcher hasn't scored then. The Cubs second high -- is Craig got 96716. Year old has 58. John you're sending Johnny Graham. Yet this course since joining up from Swansea in order to I'll sign Fletcher. For Bradley he says this is a huge blow from on video and it's come at the wrong time of the season. It's funny clips of that oil because of -- to believe for from a badly. And they hit an analyst Sonny takes a -- when these two minutes into the game Oakley sale go to school in the game both from a -- -- club point if you. Then -- would say so because he's who is. It's most important goals scored both for the clearly represented the countries that we can and I sustainable what you just won an Olympic bikes he would confess. Musical minds it was ultimately that's 'cause -- you know depending on your result this is the key one that was if you if you don't blossom into you play is not fit. In the last ten -- that the final push to the stage this is not solely Helena so that the fan vote as often on John you wouldn't do those. Any club are -- fearful of into the stands to open is because you can't replace them. An enormous it would not Hopkins I know how crucial thing prevented the east of -- didn't end there running you don't want to lose medical person can do that. -- mentioned the running in this his son lives on and it includes games against four. So I exact top six sides including Saturday's -- game couldn't come any more difficult than this Manchester United not video site also games. With Chelsea and Everett -- with that final game this season that's a way -- -- Against taught them. And this is significant this evening. Some birds -- for relegation not draw following the news of pledges injury before today. There were best price -- 321 with sky bet before dropping down to five to suit reading -- QB job -- -- -- all it's on to go down. With we can even spell out two to one.