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Reading have finally got themselves a manager. Former Southampton boss Nigel Adkins will be taking the helm two weeks after the sacking of Brian McDermott.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- how fondly got themselves a manager and former Southampton boss not that -- will be taken the Helm two weeks off to the sacking of Brian McDermott. Royals that sentence with since the championship will be a difficult season in the second -- battle in the top -- Acting is confident they -- tended -- round. We don't believe we've got to do and we talked about doing that in football club I want to be differently to -- -- vocal. That's -- -- approximately. One. -- and it's -- -- -- -- that -- jump over the years we've always known that is a very very good football. While clubs around -- splash the cash both in pre season and in January reading -- is hoping more modest. I'm done until losing Uribe stinks -- manager McDermott should have doubled to strengthen. I just wanna say that though there was always a budget but it does the does the only common don't. And I and I thought that was sort of done it can turn business as you all know with trades and players but that's what we should've been a bit marked. Not consistent he doesn't have an easy start with his -- side. -- travel to Arsenal in the Premier League on Saturday.

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