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Current Video:United States with no worries as they are set to take on Mexico|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Grant Wahl previews the World Cup Qualifying match between Mexico and the United States.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Well -- next the World Cup qualifier for the US is against Mexico at ES tech on Tuesday. Americans have earned one victory at the same stadium and that was only in a friendly. Last August. But they would add Jermaine Jack and his sprained his ankle in the snowy game -- did travel to Mexico that Sports Illustrated grant -- dead and he's setting us up for the match. Injuries were a problem for the US national team before this week's World Cup qualifiers. The things only got worse with Jermaine Jones being sent back to Germany. After spraining his ankle the other day. That's going to be difficult for the US but you're being clean and in the US coach says he has plenty of options ahead of the US Mexico game. That's a tough loss for us -- Jones. Because he's one of our leaders here and the way you played that game through grocery. Match was unbelievable in the car that you got. What about ten minutes into the game kind of hole. Injures ankle these kids have enough time he kept going until they couldn't run anymore. I -- he gave everything he had it wasn't about -- maybe performance by -- -- in Pacifica. Not having him obviously a coach -- always looks solutions. And we have I think that mentioned. Is that they have the -- to do it kind of recommended as a technician. It's -- corona. Yeah. A lot of good players. You -- has never won a qualifier yes type guy but there's a sense that the stadium doesn't have quite the same mystique it used to have. The US won a friendly here last August and players like demarcus Beasley are now accustomed to playing here in the Mexican League. It personally I think it's not as bad -- used to be. And I can -- -- actually read you know it's not as much as they. As a fortress you know you can definitely be against America he's an -- time. Now she didn't want so. Being here now I just feel that I've missed this is accomplished more confidence that you can't he can't play well -- you know. Does he know I was the most -- team and keep the ball very well I have whose states are playing and I believe you can win the game -- he didn't -- In other news Klinsmann did not seem worried about the form of protest filed by Costa Rica -- defense over the snowy conditions in Friday's game in Denver. US captain Clint Dempsey added. Yet because dirty game captain did not file any protest during big games in his presence and out of the -- -- as required by fifa rules. If the US can follow those three points with at least one point here and Mexicana they'll be plenty happy indeed. -- grant well in Mexico City for fox soccer game. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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