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Current Video:US win in snowy Denver, heading to Mexico|

FOX Sports' senior editor Jorge Mondaca chats with FOX Soccer's Jamie Trecker after USA's home victory vs. Costa Rica.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Come -- from it's still selling Denver Colorado I'm Morgan and doctor here with detract from fox soccer. -- a much needed victory for her team USA tonight against history. What does this do for the team. Well it is a lot of confidence after a huge week where they are embroiled in controversy obviously major newspaper article came out. Saying that eleven players that spoke anonymously about coach question the tactics. -- the heart of the team tonight the team -- those questions Michael Bradley came out and said we talked about it we put all that behind us I think we showed in the field now. Whether they can take this performance and transferred to Mexico on Tuesday that's another question. Long. Tonight. And now we're going Mexico City which can be hot and it's going to be a lot higher altitude. What is seniors they have to do in order to get a result in Mexico City yet that's a great question I think you know it's obviously what 8000 feet in Mexico tonight and it's going to be 85 degrees. Quite a change here but. One of the things that -- it did was actually here for almost weeks it does give -- a little advantage. Just a Mexican team that is used to playing in altitude so I think what they're gonna take out of this is the fact that there were people put aside. One of the worst weeks in US soccer history filled the sense. So with the feeling that they were being criticized by the media and fans Geoff Cameron Effect told us afterwards that people wanted them to lose tonight. And answer them if they can show that kind of heart and desire against Mexico well I think it's very very different result has taken memories to walk off. A once your results night -- -- is now second in the group. Is it too early start talking about World Cup. It is a little too early you know in the past the -- is not -- will -- spot until game nine or ten. I think this year the -- tackles -- tight obviously Mexico drew 22 tonight that helps -- Jamaica also drew 11 with Panama. This is gonna come down the wire these are no easy games you have to go and -- Klinsmann said tonight -- to adapt and play a lot different conditions. United States obviously to do that tonight. And they do it we'll see they can do it is to. And we'll find -- this week's state like not foxsoccer.com. And let's see what happens in Mexico City tonight.

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