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Theo Walcott suffered a groin strain while practicing for the World Cup qualifiers in San Marino.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ahead of England's World Cup qualifier tonight let's go live there like Philly did -- From all reports are he has sky sports there about stadium when Nick Collins vague about the new rookie talent but won't cause injury this is interesting. Jim this is really am fortunate to have that there won't run for England sources telling us that -- there local. Go to injured in the training here at the US stadium last night these things -- destroying. And he's outlawed I knew this gender O'Sullivan -- against Montenegro now -- normally would have played or started tonight. Those -- -- but certainly -- catapult to blame and no one of the two against very possibly the Montenegrin -- He just -- to the -- chemicals can submarine evident got class -- by the goalkeeper very early on was forced to go off but at. Yeah Aaron to mention is that says he did -- to -- is likely to travel home for that for further treatment in these ruled out. Of -- tonight's qualifier as well. Very disappointing -- probably -- did it just and then it in the passing that. Probably paid 72000 Mbenga. Well yes I mean. Awesome Greg always said. Crosses fingers on his 'cause golf and international duty in the Pacific come back injured and it's a problem for him as well. At the moment we don't know how long enough table looks like -- outlets that lets hope that it says just these two games that is missing about. It's something that that obviously is concerned it just depends on.

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