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Current Video:West Ham secure Olympic stadium|

West Ham have finally agreed a deal to move into the Olympic Stadium


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have a happy confirmed as -- -- tenants of the Olympic Stadium after a -- a deal for 99 year lease. Well under the agreement last time will be given the right he's the stadium for all of that matches. But they will not of the crimes -- London legacy development corporation. Will have the rights to the income from other events such as music concerts. And it would also be an Agassi for athletics. So here are the key points the government have a great -- -- to 25 million clients towards the cost of -- stadium. Taking the overall contribution to sixty million -- west ham have also increase that funding from five to fifteen times. -- all the parts of the documents dating really between 15819. Points. Less time limit them from August 2016. Up eighteen -- -- and ranks a year. And under the plans for the ready for the extent and it's and it's easy -- he retreats from eyes and 54 I think it's. Kind of tactical system will also glad that I need to be conversant. From a less experienced a football stadium within days and creation late its been a great that the seats will slides out of the running track. To bring the fans and -- to the pitch. There's some amends this day and it's it's exciting moment. Through the outcome. And what is important now really used to share this. Exciting event -- -- fans because you know I think I feel a bit sorry it's. That we know you know to share this with them until now we. Desperately needed -- -- to make focal affordable for old. But we will we continue you know policy of kids for earthquakes half points -- for adults we won't hopeful to be. Affordable for the old -- looking -- mental obstacle put people and that's what we want the biggest stadium. Will it be low -- deals that is yet to be you make full custody was the highest level of affable -- you could happen the wild will have a tax -- bringing the action and the schools and -- things together and the Hawks fast yes. Wouldn't have a city since the only reason that covers all the bases. The -- SE CS what it looked like it must have -- it feel like west have less halftime supremacy of who left open that fixes. And I chipped stone in the stadium including USF games. Beyond his passes yes. And that's just thinks it is to be honest I think it's yeah it puts it right so there was -- I feel this for films and and win it -- went I don't know. Of the culture ever believe you know pocket -- original beyond this season he's a fun topic and today it's finally paid off from them you know as you can see for the -- it's it's going to be something special. How much -- they come to -- team in the league this has been a win win situation around. For everybody really including the taxpayers including. The ML BC for the and the local councils that are -- driven well as. All of and indeed that's what -- for offense and west am hopeful well. But here's had a funding for the conversion right and the governments are the biggest contributors paying 960 million times. Is also forty minute power and wound up front that you kind -- And then I think development corporation will pay twenty million parents while last time we'll pay fifteen minute -- Would also be funding from -- -- but yes. The deal we've done basically means that you've got to west ham experience -- -- club in the Arizona and I contaminants. And they've all sorts of possibilities fool all the revenues to come as well from what holes. From athletics out from. Oh renovations and other sports as well not necessarily -- they were they were hysterical hole. So brain is still an and west -- association with Upton park or and grind by the flight since nineteen four. Have a capacity of 35 I since nineteen -- since last. And the capacity of the Olympic Stadium once and speak in fact.

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