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Current Video:Controversy as Rio Ferdinand's absence raises questions|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Roy Hodgson is disappointed of Rio Ferdinand's actions for not being on the England squad.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. While Rio Ferdinand. Made waves when he decided to pull out of the squad for their upcoming World Cup qualifying games against San Marino. And Montenegro's citing his fitness but now comes the news that the Manchester United defender is off the -- to analyze the San Marino game for Al-Jazeera TV. And here's a shock Roy Hodgson not impressed. The fact is that I was disappointed when he couldn't accept that invitation it would have been nice that in mile facility in the amongst the four regional. Plays in that position that. You know he was lately to accept the invitation so what -- actually doesn't help and how he nearly you know. -- lake community in the coming a couple of weeks that's that's his business in the -- business in this -- on consumer any interest to. In the class got caught two envoy happy and that's what happened the way they -- -- each other and that's what could have my focus. Did you do feel though that perhaps England's medical stuff -- looked soft really just as well and intent of getting him. Ready folks wanted to national both of these two performance. But once again you know you're asking me questions it. -- don't want to go into because it really shows a lack of respect to some extent -- the pleasure here. Of course I have great respect for medical stuff I think they're both really good good. In this instance. -- clear that he -- -- to accept my invitational this escalation. And we'll see what happens in the future and now what happens -- in this. Peter -- when -- needs but he's looking off that himself it's up to us to make sure that we have cost us those individual we've go to do you think. Too much. Felt real defended his decision to -- it's all worked as a pundit for Al-Jazeera by tweeting -- blown out for some pre planned downtime. With a bit of -- thrown in for game I -- watched anyway. No different from what I've done on the last ten day international break thank you guys. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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