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Current Video:All set for United States match against Costa Rica|

Check out FOX Soccer News as members of the United States Men's National Team give their take for Friday's clash.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now -- games for a bunch of countries on Friday including the United States will host Costa Rica in Denver. Head coach Juergen Klinsmann has come under fire in the last few days of reports beginning to surface that he may be losing the faith of many of his players we caught up with some members of the squad. Including newly appointed captain Clint Dempsey. It's an honor you know you wanna go Wheldon you know represent your country you have more pressure on your shoulders. -- SFO to the test so you know do my best to lead by example. And in -- to seem to throw results. This pressure I think it's good for us. It is when you get in those moments we finally get to the show we find -- -- World Cup being strengthened some pressure. I'm so if you could already kind of have -- back in my neck okay have been through this like OK I know what this is about you know it just makes you better player better team for. Third it's seen the players you know well equality on -- but we at the in a player football we have to move the ball quickly. We estimate to market to put him under pressure get there create chances and with his chances to create good score goals so. You know it's always good being planned back in the states and and have a whole tone of management that's about. You know didn't look different when an in home because it's crucial -- don't Paterno went home and then the chance to qualify for or cover. Don't we do. We have of the utmost respect for them as a team for the for their individuals. And so we know that they're gonna come in in. May get very difficult for us in -- -- be organized they'll be hard to play against it but at the same time they have. Could play as skillful players players that can. I can cause us trouble and so. You know where were. Committed to it to put everything we have into this game we're not looking to the second game -- you know down the road for us it's all about the game of and I. I think they should. Lot of mental toughness during now that that point it's Panama I mean they were down to zero far. -- -- and clotting and when their way back take it at that point. So I think that shows a lot about them as a team some I'm expecting it to team that's gonna fight in nineteen it's gonna try complicating things for the locals. You know they're very technical very possession oriented but I think there's a few things you can do to get out of. And the US soccer federation of announce the venues for their remaining home. World Cup qualifiers they -- Panama in Seattle on June 11 Honduras in Sandy, Utah on June 18. Mexico in Columbus on September 18 and a final home game against Jamaica. In Kansas City. On October 11. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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