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FIFA President Sepp Blatter has reiterated that any request to change the timing of the 2022 FIFA World Cup to cooler months would have to come from the hosts Qatar.


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I have only said it decent -- that to -- If something has changed. I didn't have put that question. That the boldly company dad and when they can I ask that sort. Another this is an interpretation. Let them not to profit to say. Well it happens for the time being they haven't -- so that just be ready BR. And let's book on. Devote up to fourteen. And it's enough to do put it cease competition. And and played at twenty Eddie. Eighteen and can go to that and but the basic principles. And India deviation of -- And he at least -- requirements. It has been established by the was very clear. And has not been changed in the meantime. You can steal the sick. -- also got. 2822. Is it competition did that send -- to two teams. 64 matches. And have to be OK in June July. And he's principled. As that would be put into question. By the organizer. Those they have been given. DEA sports heavily into right to organized. It means cut. And has not been put into question by Pete does it take to keep them.

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