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Current Video:FOX Soccer Exclusive: Alan Pardew Interview|

Check out this FOX Soccer News exclusive as FOX Soccer's Chris Ford sits down with Newcastle manager Alan Pardew.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now it's been an up and down season for Newcastle United expectations were very high after the magnetized finished fifth last season after a brutal start to this season have the tune in relegation trouble they've rebounded nicely to sit thirteenth looking forward to their Europa league quarter final matchup -- -- feet. A wrong Chris Ford caught coupled magnifies manager Alan part of. -- -- very much for joining us on fox soccer injury this international break obviously. North from London but TV -- -- costly until some time now does this feel like home from home. Well you know you get into the real fabric of us is -- when you're the manager who will club you can't help us that that is. It's fantastic city such a welcoming. Racist people in terms of the way they conduct themselves and -- So it's been very very easy for my problems time. You recently given a contract extension to keep you here for the next eight years does that give this club stability. -- -- stability is very -- -- can not growing an awful club. That's the avenue where our -- mom and hopefully we'll style now. As well as a -- really you obviously involved in the Europa league he's put yourself in great position in the competition in that. Quarterfinals now you face spend the year in the next round we have free free Barclays Premier League teams in the year Europa league quarter finals and no I think we go to strong Jones is bringing that on to lose to -- that -- And don't worry it's also -- what Chelsea. And so one of us who gets that while we focus on us in terms of formal on you you're young modern presumably you -- off. Ambitions of the next ten to fifteen years of your career. Yes what do. Want RC manage. Internationally. Hopefully won't -- New England manager position would be something that would attract me like -- In my career hopefully is still one of the great. Positions in the woeful. To be being a manager and his. It can only think you're familiar spots position is on the English but it's only real former international -- that was does that. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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