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Yaya Toure could be heading for the Manchester City exit door, with the midfielder reportedly unhappy with his contract situation at the club.


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He may be one of the most pivotal players but the prospects have you I don't celebrated by eating at Manchester City is looking doubtful. We still see just about his current deal the midfielder is reportedly a sense that their progress has been -- extending his state of the Premier League champions. So much say that if no agreement is reached five cents today -- -- makes it doesn't -- the way from the acting as a consequence reports on the Sundays take them. Agent -- senate has reduced to race frustration. That's all different you do of his hostel in the last six months. It's 29 year old reportedly feels that doesn't have the full respective cities playing and pitching -- -- any manager effective ninety do you believe he's him. To me is one of the top that is in the world focal. Wanting it holds the weekly salary 220000. Pounds. But his ultimatum they -- -- have nothing to do with money on the for what -- -- the -- is understood to be seeking -- -- -- Fifteen points behind models -- and evidently does United's city must act quickly to spend on two from slipping through their fingers. And it seems that the actual city necessary if that to keep hold of this not.

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