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Current Video:England hit with injuries for their upcoming World Cup Qualifiers|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Frank Lampard discusses the challenges that await the England squad for their two crucial World Cup Qualifiers and how there is no reason to doubt the team.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The English national team is battling injuries heading into a pair of important World Cup qualifiers and it doesn't help the Rio Ferdinand -- decided to take it passes well. But while it's not an ideal situation for Roy Hodgson it does provide a great opportunity for some young players Nick Collins has the story. One by 1 he's watched his central defenders fooled by the wayside. Roy Hodgson has now had to pick three replacements from the original scored. Steven Taylor the latest sent a half two -- includes SOS coming in for Gary Cahill. Veteran midfielder frank -- -- believes it's time for the youngsters to step forward. He's the Marlins community strong squad and then. Somehow found what happens if you lose to a triple classmen assigned positions. That was just for being his foot in the world. But we recruit you looked very good jumper aren't. It always confident because classes I'm talking a lot of the world it's not experienced very statements I don't know not permitting and has been -- experienced. -- him what to do enjoy that I can present everything. Earlier this week Rio Ferdinand was forced to put out after finally winning his first called up from the -- and but rampart police that doesn't mean the end deferred men's international career. Today it's a profile rarely and done sentinel finished stage performances against Madrid particularly -- -- lose as a guest -- on senate. Reggie Holmes is we can we can -- his -- before my husband has experience I've. I -- -- -- -- futurist and -- Noise coming the minute he's one of the defendant's family. -- them putts close again no 100 caps just six to go and he's determined to try and reached a three -- a ball. There's your reality on this kind of run going for the sound every -- -- cardinal country. As much whoever -- the most -- -- -- I'm already enjoyed coming. Are doing fine and our species in Toronto Raptors who are chosen and an important. Are sent me and my putter expect this -- terms time keeping playing keep it to myself and I warrants out. But it shows during -- -- I'm happy for an average whereby if there's an inside scoop from him. These next two games at the halfway point to the -- qualifying campaign and hugely important has not -- December and are chemicals are expected to and we have to win with -- you know they have. -- took it took -- -- the European Cup with a group. Husbands and wives carnival like we were aware of how tough guy nice and then from there. I don't components are comparatively we talked -- when. To get ourselves in tough times. Two victories and and you will lead the table at least until Osama anything less than the pressure will start to build. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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