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Current Video:Owen to retire at end of season|

Stoke City striker Michael Owen announces he will hang up his boots at season's end.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A career that's taken in spells that political gravitate and Manchester United States. That's up to sixteen years of professional football -- I would just retire at the end of the season. The 33 year old local time when his career -- -- -- difficulty doing something really fun Manchester United last summer. The start and that's injured a frustrating campaign so far managing just won't go. But I'm striking type remake of an 88 fled to -- 150 family goals sort of just how far he had already come. About them until -- -- enjoyed a spectacular start to life in full pull off the closer to prominence of for the club political. He managed favorite go if TT games during his eight seasons his on field winning the FA cup UEFA cup as well as the league cup points on the -- -- PDA. He was picked up and attention to what. -- -- -- Who thought and had from the thick -- from Google as a manager I was blessed to Milton. -- Team because. Supplies like him -- Stephen. Got an offense that you forget about those and also making him. However they have to replica -- largely frustrating. But things didn't get much that's Owens' return to English football with -- long run of injuries that are struggling it's four years he colossal. -- lifted the Premier League apparently content Manchester United he was told his coach -- wouldn't be extended last year to force on the state as a free agents. Featuring and see -- cups and three European championships and it is in his fourth all time leading goal scorer with forty. All of those to be remembered for a site that it's against Argentina France front gate when he was just eighteen. It was a famous country this point one would relate to -- -- previously said. -- didn't take long to those above him in the -- -- to place the former England stopped. There's guys in the -- taking its which set to recognize his contributions to nationals signed. That they have been plenty of holidays on the pitch but that it hasn't didn't finish at Lowe's Allstate's. Recurring injuries that stunted his -- -- both club and country. Who played his best days have been behind him for some time I would look into them the same front and stop this period of hockey 1996.

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