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Current Video:Police investigating Lampard coin-throwing incident|

FOX Soccer News takes a look at the police investigation to track down the people who threw coins at Chelsea's Frank Lampard after scoring against West Ham on Sunday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. All what better way to celebrate scoring a 200 Golding getting hit in the head by Colin Franklin -- reaching that milestone for Chelsea and their -- a win over west -- on Sunday at Stamford Bridge that's -- he decided to celebrate behind the -- goal and that might not have been the best decision. He's ever -- Yes west and supporter so I always that they showered. Blanton -- points but here's the kicker if the FAA decides -- incident could result in applying for Chelsea. Because it happened at Stamford Bridge that was no convictions or -- With the police are currently investigating the incident. Those people who try and it's going to basically in position offensive weapon -- offenses against the public -- direct. There's people need to be identified. And dealt with in. By the criminal courts the technology that's available for that is considerable all of -- spectators will be on the cctv. And it's just a matter of identifying them. And then dealing with them. Would you like to see mixing in place of games to try and stop the Colts. Absolutely not I think if you do that you've actually given into this very very small minority. Be horrible to see nesting in front of you for a football match or cricket match or tennis match that's the last thing we should be doing -- deal with those people who decided to throw coins and fix them. On occasions it can be serious is serious -- people. They're not sport people. They do that quite honestly and then he put him before the course and they need to be dealt with severely. I think not dissect every sports fan do not allow that to happen because he's got to be self policing the no doubt about it the fans can do it almost Telesis. We do that to what school. We don't put it couldn't throwing Hussein this particular -- that -- -- need to be dealt with the did not want to stop teaching people it. That would be a massive -- place that we need to do education. Public old -- those Tennessee who grew up school we need to be saying I'm sorry minority you know when they get away with it. Wants fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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