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Current Video:Wigan chairman claims McManaman tackle was clean|

FOX Soccer News takes a closer look at Wigan forward Callum McManaman's studs up challenge on Newcastle defender Massadio Haidaro.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you missed -- he didn't want fox soccer news last night. Little -- telling. When you see that's in slow motion total doesn't look very nice reckless. -- mental jump -- It's safe to. I'm not really sold printing off. Joan -- still raging again somebody needs to get older and. So that's challenged in naming get a yellow card let alone a rat and that at Salem now steady pounding management style that challenge on new house sales. Not that I -- had -- before deciding if retrospective action should be taken against the 21 year old Wigan player. It has suffered potential knee ligament damage an incident resulted in the New Castle assistant manager John cover and a waiting Mitch Graham about. Being sent to the stands after a scuffle developed as you saw at the end of the first half. It looks a lot worse than an actual laws because you've got a -- from the stuff and you've got to look at both players. Both trying to closed down on the ball was loose. It's got to be looked up because the ball is what it's all about now the ball but him between the two players. Other youngster but none on I was gone for the ball -- -- got the ball but if counted on winning the you go -- -- frozen and so quickly on the ball on the collided. And it looks when you look at it without the ball like he's gone over the -- put. It's clear he took the ball and it's clear that he was no intention of going to help only with hooking up wonderful ball. -- if it happens in football it's one of those things. Think we have so many know is that these -- review the situation right now I think RF three. And not case if he's -- full view on full vision on what went on and he's not even given a free kick. I think the FAA have go to look at the clock and think no why did -- refereed not given Afrique. Because no electrical the football when you play football that's what you go full night cannot be too high and a lot of nine united and got sent off without. Only with the conduct was wrong thing to football. He didn't know -- -- almost coming and he just put it photo to hit the ball on the referee on the on occasion. Who studies folks too high. But it would just get in the ball. And that's what it's about when the football in the -- all you've got to GoDaddy putting quite so nobody's today on to say he's got a bruised shin. And they just waited to see a report he may come down easily -- men are men not if he's not damaged ligament he can be okay to planet we call ten days. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.