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Missed the weekend games? Catch all the excitement of this past weekend from the Premier League here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah brown that did the Barclays Premier League it's a -- go to some pockets over Manchester city's right as champions surely ended by Edmonton. That's -- -- twenty front just -- a half hour when Leon Osman lashed in a sensational long right Jeff back. Quite a -- -- off his 300 day in a good shot. But Suzy will throw a -- -- on sixty minutes when Stevens he's gone already only yellow Coughlin still happy Garcia. It could have been argument with the subsequent great shot by rectory throwback. Go to visit this file tonight that you American advantage talent and having convicted men thought they were called on the counterattack. That's Marlins but lady found it to kick elevates. He's deflected at the -- did to get David -- meant victory on his eleventh. Out of a straight atop the box. -- -- I -- the placement front -- against Q -- off but the -- -- -- didn't -- well the hosts went back home in the village of nineteen S open the scoring range is only 23 minutes. That -- not analyzed until bus half stoppage time. That battle mountains across with edited by every out -- -- the all relate to a possible loud but. On the scotsman was celebrating again shortly after the hit the ball and went then -- went in front because of a fine finish and address violent. The Austrians in -- for the campaign. The Huntsville well up off the -- but keeping us not to leveler against the run of life went for the second time in as many games and -- -- and -- from long range. Both sides knew the importance of a win and ten minutes from time that I go out there. Off the real well for vitamin C got Christian -- -- -- think that Jordan classic victory lap side -- group -- -- solid. South Hampton took a giant stride towards safety by thinking -- -- lost a little bowl. That's -- it was Antonio went. And it was -- -- to the site just off the -- -- when Ricky Lambert's free kick was affected beyond that help let's dive I've -- standing heat that Brad Jones. Despite putting them osprey -- -- ready for that -- -- -- -- themselves -- -- unlikely comeback but that -- TO benefited from a goal mouth scramble the still. But it was a wrap my life of an otherwise dismal type of random we'll just meant. At Southampton still just the second victory and ninth -- the assistance of Rodriguez. The second attempt. To my finals goal free walk. -- -- west brom groundout that goalless draw at the Britannia stadium. -- for -- on the county's west problem watching -- in the second period. That's not all three point one Vinnie Jones is crossed with some help Sunday about five bobbled it cough there. The closest vote -- and that would in this round of -- ten minutes from time that's -- Wilson headed wide from close range but also as of now filed discordant. Thirteen games and not surprisingly this morning it the only. Also big -- that johnsons of champions league qualification -- Patriots bombs they. I have to wait until the 74 minute report for about and it kind of an unlikely source -- left -- not sure what reality fired a shot into the bottom corner. Detectives -- Ghana's goals since arriving from ballot during January. Awesome thing to describe this is a must win game. He's team obliged with a second goal in stoppage time as Aaron Ramsey fighting -- yet to make it to -- A -- possible within ten points but that's helpful. Something nice -- -- -- Manchester United extend that lead at the summit to fifteen points within our way to that attitude spreading. The only goal of the game with school -- -- -- -- twenty best finish like -- owed much to a heavy deflection of Alex is not and I did cat. They tried ominously for with a split. -- -- Ground that he continued on Sunday west Sunderland and Lori drew want to pace. The visitors went in front midway through the best -- when -- -- -- I was headed to always fight I tomorrow. People west and I had applied the finishing touch. But it -- hopes of claiming just the second -- not what dealt a serious blow like keep them off bomb was adjudged to have handled outside the box on the QB central by referee Chris Floyd. I'm -- -- that was that a compounded by a -- like that when another harsh how bold decisions also backs of the song concede a penalty. -- stepped -- golf that's come home the spot kick and salvage a point for the black -- Hebrew seven clear of the drop zone. For a few hours athletes. Scotland's hopes of -- hopeful that he suffered a blow a hands a -- The colleges and wanna watch -- -- in a decade. What's that about rewriting the record by making -- second in Italy as a sure Rick does cross with the way by former splash like that in itself that itself. That would prove to be the decisive moments of rushed right -- often -- them. Think that I have a great chance that level like done only that you might suppose we like right at that to be great insight but not sports. So it back to back the -- this does as well and held on to try and Chelsea strengthen that Chelsea to champions league qualification with victory at the west and the opening goal -- this night there to pressure from the posts it's just a lot of little ready denied even I thought. When -- was -- to -- -- that -- that the like football in front of pot head coach his 200 Chelsea goal. The players insure maximum points with a second to stop the half time. Again it was created by some wonderfully exciting football and finished in style. We can get a bad survival hopes a huge third spot beating you also. The last six lead on I seen an excellent column -- sense -- both -- and and it was -- close visual scoring. But you can also restore parity with -- ninety minutes remaining. When -- wouldn't surrender possession at BC site found that he got some tongue on the Italian full back found the net for the first time in tune Collins. It looked like the hosts a blog that jobs but deep into stoppage time kind of the final twist in the -- As a -- penalty box handball and it in a Brunette coach Knight bundling in what could prove to be a crucial win as it finished very well. Had a DW stadium. So it is now around that the result of affected the title. But that ultimately it's the Q you are writing could prove critical with I think we're writing that book seven point truths like they -- also reminded the drop zone despite after a classic victory over you've also. At the top Manchester United and -- fifteen points clear of second place it deep. Problems that they does that out Chelsea to take that. While also getting almost no one ever and hope that they crashing -- awful.

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