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Current Video:Recap: Chelsea comes out on top in London derby|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Frank Lampard scores his 200th. goal for Chelsea.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. To begin testing Stamford bridge and the Chelsea narrative this season has been simple. Under achievers playing for a manager and no one likes with the captain that's been -- and an aging superstar -- inching closer to a special rectal. Let's focus on the positive which is the agents who pissed off -- book. Since -- 199. Create Chelsea go since going up over the seventeenth in the F a cup against Bradford on Sunday gets west -- It finally reached the mark. -- but it goes both of them -- -- -- -- out west and tennis and just the love that. Festive -- sevenths of a sudden you open it left but what will. -- both of them the ball put it this well very fond in the ball flight to dreadful finish well wanted to go by. I'll do with ten -- James Collins. -- -- -- Big -- just -- -- the ball good it's about an unsafe to Chelsea that pressing me up way for a. And so. Amazing and -- the way fans. Throw -- Atlanta. So let's hope it. 42 victim mode just going to bother you as of yet still let him make -- so big makes this site last vote on the rebound. But he's off target when we'll know more from ball stays inside the busiest -- that. And we've -- west and down one -- and pop on the ball would've -- this place they didn't bring scoring boots fifth give one match up. The Suns a bit and has dog look at this we'll get across -- some -- the books until his left. Detroit finished what his -- big leads in this campaign to avoid the major major skills. Play just win soon they'll remember it being good. Jordan might have lost -- the beats Dallas this weekend now base. And the -- by the sixth at home for the sport that that brought. He's even other 71 matches to go -- go matchup is the first lead of what's going -- -- -- goals in the league this season Bob Woodson before it. It's for the best scored just 200 Chelsea go. -- his special is obviously an MR invincible as a non displaced again then -- -- -- going to go for the same than non. Of inverse folks there's a fight for the top furlong Tom here of -- Verizon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm trying form and plays it and think again it's round assignments and I think it's a great players 200 goes for any period -- Fantastic achievement for me to this even -- -- so. I think it was so one of -- who also extremely pleased with the team and really could Cecil came -- -- and who here. What's fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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