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  3. clean sheets2:03
  4. goal scoring1:13
  5. Stokes0:49
  6. Giants1:37

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Would the Potters be able to make up for their last-gasp defeat away to Newcastle when the Baggies visit the Britannia Stadium?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stoke City. Let's pull the -- to get back to meet with -- is stadium. Had sought a wretched run of form just four points from 23 seed and opened themselves going well voting opportunity go full Cameron to load the head out jumped him well but couldn't direct this at the -- it's on -- This bronze with Spalding for -- had. As -- effectively -- -- now that they'll help you plan on my hands to pulpit for the situation. That background he's been out of form just one goal lead to 23. Appearances. Set these Jones. Crouch headed -- and Stokes top scorer policies and it's frustrating times for the city forward. Jonathan baldness. Providing help it was a little scary at this point deflected off notice it was should have been drifting whites. Relief for dreadful -- in the -- goal. Well wanted to come to. On a rich made a goal scoring form could have given albeit a second and offered vaunted big twelve balls stuck with numbers -- To preserve the -- -- Don't you stop at the Booth. I'm almost. Finishing it off. That's -- -- close to an opening goal that from a -- runs free kick the whole brought. We put that he Giants baseballs. But I'll -- unable to find a way through. -- -- -- Defending resolutely. To keep the bill -- score might just. And then a jumps burns a set piece opportunity Bob Wilson getting the better of pretty Jones. But they had out wide of the poorest starts witnessed one continues. A clean sheets for state -- parties.

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