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Current Video:Manchester United v Reading Premier League Highlights 03/16/13|

Could Reading cope with loss of Brian McDermott when the Royals travel to Old Trafford?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Manchester United this -- -- this ratings and it's Ferguson's men. With a fifteen points -- with a win. They started slowly but could have gone ahead just before the quarter -- to the pool for reaffirmed at FedEx beyond. When it was just -- target. So -- surprisingly. Young still searching for -- for -- go to the season. Will be this campaign has been completed. A series of injuries they'll pull away. You know it's a couple of bats at 21 minutes it -- -- -- -- which people terrific run the ball afforded to going Rudy. Should -- had experience. He needs to explain -- the rules go both -- I couldn't go with the -- not to place an acquaintance of recalled to -- the team unity and people rooting you pools will be within. -- what seven you know it's -- place to begin with we will certainly through the week. But they go with very spirited of the can't take a close payment definitely sex rod -- -- -- on Monday at global stability. Think with that -- we step of getting them level just close the -- out. -- effort debit ahead. Wouldn't have built back. Into the second half of the Royals convinced they should've had a penalty in -- unable to clear the Korda. There appear to be itself by the bag if it is on the they too bad idea but. It really makes a commanding -- it's been a reactor at civilians since we didn't get this book hit. Looked like two hands. Shoving him off the bull. From -- but nothing gave it. United tried desperately to put the game today Roeper invent the seat. With a free kick that was well saved -- Taylor. Proceed with 23 goals for the season but none. It's -- seven appearances you know it really could not deducted though -- all of fifteen points clear of city ratings they enjoyed both of it finished London.

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