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The FOX Soccer News crew look ahead at this weekend's Premier League action.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Lots of talk about this weekend's games let's go back -- to win and -- with body make man and Bobby welcome back to the shall. Let's start off with average -- and man city average and giving problems demand city over the last Warriors probably the most problems out of any of the other teams in the -- nearly. Now for this game -- dropping points not really an option for either team so how important is a win here. It's -- of you would you say because as an elite team. I see him go at times they get in the guy got with Monty saint reduced to single magazine though you need a good game against rating. -- -- Ball morsels of hope to possibly maybe potentially fifty points opening thinking golf point. So few games collected was between him and I think he knows and -- wins everybody got -- Whatever I think is it simply a different funds if they're begin its local plays at introducing themselves and we'll Christine yeah. Sponsored child and I find different teams grateful for the -- -- -- the -- -- Do you can't afford things like this has been through -- applied they need yet to stop had enough abide -- affordable evidence that you play Scioscia. You go but the last few years they have a novel with Jason game four against Monty is a saying in the one thing would gone -- We doing usually fatal locals in these games but I'm very hot new always maintains that feels and bitty -- tight. Bobby mentioned Ruthie -- strip that's Old Trafford -- -- got to sack as we know. -- though I mean he kind of although he really over delivered and expectations are this low to -- unfairness that phrase it that way. Yes it's I think -- he -- -- team all that that that surprised me was people -- -- -- awarded to an end of one season bit. That's a week that the -- money just go they'd be. They go on along above our run -- expectations stop rising in when you -- nicely sub eleven on that'd be increased expectations and as a good chance you're gonna get five must want to make down I think was really -- as well with a rating is you look at the lost four games -- to live on the -- wait -- -- -- Paula. Rating and linesmen and the club in on money and I think that it takes to get some points and I've seen pictures we'll look solid almost feel thankful. I think we -- Full form would be pretty good for writing style points I think the linesman you went to the situation. Look at it the fight that available legal I think QP and so Compton in the -- -- games -- the -- relegation and eight teams to play against. And I think a loaf of upon it and hoping for some new money to -- stated to really yet. Maybe of the invigorating the team -- -- I think the thing that really shows up is how quickly made decision is that an Elvis on Indian police team that replaced Brian again. -- bad timing it well until you Aston Villa and QPR the relegation battle at UPI they doubled up. They're wins this season with back to back victories and an Aston Villa getting out of the relegation zone by beating -- This seems like it's -- mean at a six point game here doesn't it. Hayes is another big big game but with clubs and you won that would keep the -- when the last two games doubling the number two wins they've what Oscar -- The big winning. One definite that I couldn't deal with that. With a few thoughts about -- team moved from being a good team that it's like this season to develop if you look at this one really. -- you finish the golf club playing golf when we got just ill wind could these seven points probably seven point seven rating as well. When did the -- did a good -- trough on and then suddenly vote could be in this situation no. Being -- look at it -- another political props for other clubs of about the other clubs and only hope to be a one of the home. To survive and not that would really be and really gives us Melissa will. QB out on the other behind the won the last two games the win this game name is well and suddenly -- every block in the mix and right in the middle of the relegation if pulled the black but in themselves but from -- -- isolated. And bought the lead and then suddenly the black in the thick of things and getting themselves to be John's. To survive. What about Southampton on it when race he'll put Tino beat man city you must have sonnets fallout from the air but they're really back in that fight and now they host a pretty hot Liverpool side. Yeah you look at is performance lusting instant audience they need out of bullets did. To pull off the last minute and only saved two today to see the game off of that hole today. I hope because they can't be family victims of pre season -- as well. They didn't need his tail -- to lose dusty. The problem is -- to -- -- left ankle anywhere else. That they couldn't feels looks uncomfortable even though it was a shot life continues to be. I think the fight would look at them if you look at the Bulls up front just on the view basis on the big season he -- Indians gave me. And get a -- in the thick of the Brazilian aces for the Gibson's Q well. So you look at -- why -- this one that I think this week convinces. You to have the important part in this specific on what. Two games I realize that Tom Compton but what deal with the high pressure painful. And I -- depressing deemed a Liverpool plywood load flu played well is because of pressing well so guys going to be some of the watch tomorrow. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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