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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has dismissed claims that English football is losing its gloss.


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-- say that now they it is for the what is ran down because he's at it like anybody that's that it went via. These press yesterday since he wanted to -- really. English football. To me. Teams in general but he thought -- -- -- these for about. Follow. Trio for yes this game and we game all England final into Berlin and its ability. And when he maybe that in the and the vet that day. And -- team. He's a football. When they have these he's not stupid piece because is impossible to win and ready yet. Okay. Is that anybody -- when we win one game we the best team integrity we've only. These huge disaster. Is that applicable because if -- -- we in the same game. With won't be. Like that that -- instead that what was report these because. Every game can change an area that we different he. He's not being --

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