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Paris Saint-Germain's Christophe Jallet believes his side will face "the best team in Europe" when they host Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paris sides about will be facing the best team in Europe when they face Barcelona in the UEFA champions league quarterfinals. That's according to club brought back crystal tonight. Who is relishing being counsel Josh professors and students to -- you mean he's not an easy to -- which probably the hottest club. It is an exceptionally good news when we won't play against the best team in new York at leads obviously it's raining and got it down hill is coordinated Michael couldn't -- -- -- -- I don't interest in my opinion fulfilled the next tee -- you -- -- and -- developed. It's and join us that's how it's -- -- and -- certainly have opinions and I think us and it's funny that the team that. And out on his -- to Texans had to Sunday's game against influence that at the end. That unbeaten in thirteen games it would competitions. Saying. Then who isn't so yeah it is trying to Jordan center and hosting clients is. The Argentina the same ankle in his previous years shall -- -- Some value to -- don't sound and that is you know I think it they have a really really that was the -- problem an apartment. Then when they go through at that -- -- and they'll get good zones. It's sort of like to keep building and I couldn't handle that definitely gets it and I hope we'll be able to bring them drugs and you sit sit consensus and announced. The SG currently sit four points clear at the the -- at least not Underwood on Sunday would be another big step towards a fast league championship since 1990 hole.

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