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Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson discusses Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez's accusation of not shaking his hand before their FA Cup match and shares his views on Brian McDermott's departure from Reading.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sonics also responded to Rafa Benitez is kind of -- Manchester United moderate manager refused to shake his hand your FA cup quarterfinal last Sunday. -- -- Think it would give us we know she has been well. They'll probably keep it usually hit it. So. I was saying no -- friend is -- knew I was -- -- -- before he uses during the two out. I was -- and -- figure outs and do because it goes to be really feel kind of that feeling hospitals. And I mean devices. What -- you as a distant from. There. Is it. I'm just the united over without Nona and Phil Jones when -- -- and -- tomorrow and so Alex makes his he's clear on prying but dammit sucking. Ellis considers Tennessee's -- -- not. Getting a team. The moon thing for other ways than normal week. I ended as far as we could come your resume Monica. So -- Kinda you know something's gonna understand and who will sort. The -- site but I mean Dennis tell me of those streams to series. My two months in giant today. Book this is an overall momentum -- this one.

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