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PSG sporting director Leonardo believes the Catalan club is the clear favorite for the UEFA Champions League trophy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's a lie in store for Curry's son Javon gives a look ahead to about Barcelona match is the club's sporting director Leonardo what did you make -- out. Mike's been the favorites and that's very good to play like that now I said don't talk about Barcelona what they can. But you can say about them. That is nothing to say the the cover it's not only against us I think their favorites against. All the teams but as far as I think I have to me to leave these moments like a big part he be Gavin Flores the first he had to come back. Pitching -- they got the so many years and only have to signed as biffle. The season to be perfect play a quarterfinal against Boston on up. Is something very very special so we'll try to minimize to minimize the beyond -- -- points this this everywhere -- delete. And ultimately so what you can say you have to leave these moments like. With happiness because something very special to hit a would you still -- you know -- it. A simple solution and -- season on a good day it's closer to them and everybody tried to fought and nobody. Got its. That's life easier nine of the day he's always -- on Nancy he can do it. And what he hit us in the home. Almost all of the matches that's why it's it's done -- -- so I think that's who have to. Suit on TV now I'll wait to play and I'll have always strategies and gossage changed completely -- at that used to play against us and on but adopts. This relation because they'll play this the -- the well. David Beckham the only englishman left in the quarterfinals of the champions -- -- -- them to be expect to see that and -- against Barcelona. Even McManaman is -- running as an ambassador. Landon. I think David Flores is very very important. Even -- -- what you are talking about now it's the beginning of a project. And even have a model like Davids with us the -- opinion that young play as any. Everything is ACC this morning you know is something very very important to light went out expecting David to be very important for us even for the championship -- championship. And he mentioned the -- and is that the players have a lot of appearance in the champions league and he's even got to think now is much better than the beginning because he did two months. Vacation and he's he's coming back and I think they're going to be very important for us to expect him to play any -- against Boston sure that it's like all the other players and they it is. It's is. Already very important for hasn't played in French done condition and shape. Season to the last and that's incentive as big as that small back bank he was not a 100% that's why he didn't play. And then -- see we see holly is all the Martinis and Honolulu. We will we'll play against the sun but they've had to be very very important for us is that any chance he could say it. Condescension on beyond this summer. Look I think that -- when do you decide something for the future have to see what he's a beat him once our -- and I think we have to finish this season to see. How you how we aren't on -- it is very important. It's sort. Even a box above the championship I think is very important it is to to finish well this this isn't. But David if you want to go and thus he will because I think this is solid choice his choice but I think we are not very very good feeling. And I think he's very happy embarrassed. I think he's playing the team and that's -- decent for the future and I think to be very important for us so little to sit on this offense and all on the stomach the thought is always open. And today I think -- -- side and Julio who finished with us.

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