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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is concerned about Rio Ferdinand's fitness ahead of the defender's recent England call-up.


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Rio Ferdinand is back to New England squad for the first time in two years and this is what's right Ferguson has had to say about his recall. Will serves as the surprises and it anyway and and when I have thus. We. Also my images featured Dalton you know the replay appeared. -- and certainly is he's essentially means testing you to. To go through the procedures have been the same all season but has given them confessed to performance level when his -- for us. So really we have to consider not -- -- -- them -- And we'll see you wouldn't they're calling us. -- constantly -- my chart at. Well I think. As it. Many shoes it is going to be OK in terms of humbling game to -- is -- us effectively and we've been we've been doing enough for two years for the Latino and that's what's the move. Do you feel this training programs. Begin that. That he means it needs. Because obviously. And Quincy and tempted by and going to think. And so. As well so well so. We just didn't look all these things before moving we have decides.

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