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Current Video:Wilkins excited by Champions League draw|

Former Chelsea player Ray Wilkins discusses which Champions League quarterfinal fixtures he is attracted to.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chelsea have sold Real Madrid against got to trust right marine yet -- stroke -- stands out yet exactly and just like Didier tooth go back and kick him in the -- as well. Hostility Dave played -- an -- exception well -- got a test Roswell worked extremely. The one that stands out and is Paris. Paris also on I don't think Abraham between prime the first and wouldn't think he's still suspended. So he won't play now and is vitally important the home and take. That they do the business because we stole. A Barcelona saw the other night against AC Milan have come from a different planet. And the young man Messi was part -- as best as well announce it genius. And so it's going to be extremely tough comparisons about hustle that being my outside isn't that probably the worst will they could of got. The by Munich events is one throws up another fantastic time. Because you fences with the defensive qualities. Will fancy themselves to to go to two Munich. And to do something very special but then you have that attacking -- upon Munich is well when they go -- as we saw the emirates stunning performance against Oswalt so. I think we got some really really good times.

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