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Barcelona vice president Jose-Maria Bartomeu believes his side's quarterfinal matchup against PSG will not be easy.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We can that garbage on local either voice precedents all the Barcelona who's just talk originally originated over except just it's not just your reactions -- -- -- Well really a difficult match because -- decision to sit there and -- -- doing a very good season. Really flowing pretty much does not because you know -- Play isn't just playing -- does like to him always doing my movement we've been. And we follow that team and they play every season so it's going to be difficult copies of avoided real Madrid's half a a lot of amenities and you know he's a team that we know them very well we played. He studies expert based on his stuff so that they normally -- please just post or read that club's upside Feller. -- territory which is. But it's not do those things. A very good thirteen men I mean he -- -- a lot of support because they -- couples for the people. And music and image. Do you consider -- slowness of the favorites to win this competition. No I don't know I don't know that we don't favorite personalities. Yet. We aren't doing a very good season you know internationally. We're having some problems of course you know everybody knows I don't look much. It's in New York. What changing. -- -- -- -- if you want to do anything healthy for the they're going back and now we just following their season and now awaiting. And well we are. We can say -- not done their best shape now but to be tough to you know. On that there's -- way because. Competition to start to be you know tough and you can see if he's he's he's he will be very difficult. Just finally force feed the reaction to Barcelona the other Europeans also the spot there are no. English sites. In the quarterfinal stage that is something that's because. Obviously believes but it looks for Bullington a little. That the -- -- -- very high level on both we can say that's last year and he he still wasn't one the time him also but this year it's picking. Both have grown -- -- -- Things that's happened on the -- what's -- but I'm sure that -- -- and list of movie again in the champions on ultimately.