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Come see FOX Soccer news as Roy Hodgson names Rio Ferdinand as part of the England squad for their upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As you missed it didn't watch Fox News last night. It was about five months ago that England coach -- Watson was caught on tape telling fellow passengers on the London Underground that Rio Ferdinand his England grip was all but done it was embarrassing the Hudson and Ferdinand however. On -- like Hudson recanted in the best possible way for -- out his Nick Collins with the story. On the day really holds met The British Army he also -- each one of England's veterans. Rio Ferdinand had been missing from action in terms of this country for nearly two years is. The strength of his performances from Manchester United is one of the reports thirteenth hole. -- -- -- Wouldn't take too much -- look who look at. Now he's in school and he's he's in the split in order to play and not just to wake up the numbers. 2014. To -- -- -- -- friends who play like he's at the 2014. He's going to be on a major candidate for places what. And Hudson doesn't believe he'll have to act as peace keeper wood Ferdinand and actually told me top. After a public holding out. We expect him to do their jobs -- didn't know actually to play as well as he plays it back we have to do these jokes tonight. I don't envisage any political and you have to do some of them who are hoping. The long until eventually we'll move we have virtually on any unfortunate instance along the way will be quickly. What -- they've been left out of Manchester United side to face well Madrid's. But there was a ringing endorsement for him from the union manager. What happens in -- club team and what decisions to Alex decides to make that's purely momentum. Quote from him and for the club sales and for me is -- and I enjoy that he -- -- down Wayne Rooney and I'm pleased to them that the chose to to a within the game and you in the east. He's coming into Wednesday's. Don't you feel bad for stood tall attitude to just. For all of the credit Capello but he's been persuaded to return. When -- blue and gold we've been close dispatches. To -- identity to look. How did make himself available pool selection for the England tape so little assuming -- now we have. In our opinion to actually go he missed. The third plants wouldn't place in the loyalist and squad for the first time it is Michael Dawson a reward for his consistent fool with taught me. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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