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Get up to speed on what's coming at you this weekend from the Barclays Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Round that he if the -- these -- unique -- itself with at its advocates Manchester City. It's healthy so the champions to a waddle toward the end that's the argument is this season but what -- by disappointing epic effects that. Last week I've got the fire boss David -- let's pound it inside we shall European qualification is -- and me. The free wheel victory over reading a full night's events that they -- baffles. But the guy so they'll -- else that's suffered an injury which makes him a doubt that we can. This choice -- Tim -- little -- basic indefinitely. After it was revealed the American has brought to team bags of his back. It's the backing out but Jim will deputize snaps. I just to see these types of protect the -- who looks then having spent twelve points behind leaders united. But a thoughtful way to test had been a two weeks ago I did keep the dream -- night just. That result -- -- -- -- prospect Jack Buck well that it'll be tears of except for the recurrence of the persistent hamstring injury. The ball rather than that now misses out on the repentance. But -- let's imagine he's pasted by the like he pretends it's going to be difficult for me instructors say if you glamorize. But survivor result that I went that I -- who has asked that that I queens park Rangers -- head to head. That a guy that takes to survive if you -- -- to relegation rivals writing notes that today. Goals from Christian had that guy I've got me and I -- the -- so that come from behind. Trying to drive the Royals -- record just the second win fifteen games. I think hold themselves up to the drop -- possible that that will be seeing things inside to stay out but the scotsman was doubts about it mid -- -- if he's respectful. The rest of the season. -- -- His absence -- -- about it Darren pats and thank you -- instead supplied much of the team guys back -- and how about music doubts. Range is also a guy that -- of the great escape with the trees body to suddenly reborn plus time outs. That may get back to back wins at the ivy league for the best start since 1995. Despite staple for the disciple they've Harry Redknapp sites with the bowl what's that say they. If you had been that would place back to just one. Right now it's not because it would probably be dull with few years exhaust chances of -- come back right to detect it fifty. I don't erupted public trial right all segments last week's triumph I felt like it to be in contention. Today. I just united -- manager Otis -- Saturday night -- You got to the city for TV friendly exhibits -- European exit followed by FA cup frustration as salad and they digital traffic. Before they'll -- -- -- storage few weeks ago I've maintained -- -- doubles much but what if I felt I made a sixteen games and beat in the league that surround expense side. He's so -- Brady started that match but having left it out to Europe that this and is beginning to quote treatments -- it was trying to with a seven who. The united fossil like to welcome back -- -- he's missed the last month commitment problems all that is touching -- setback hamstring strain. But they bad as he scored the decisive goal when the team that's for the yanks and stay in practice of that but that judgment has been out to salt recently but he failed to find that that is not. Six takes. -- arriving Manchester without the body -- after Brian McDermott was sacked on Monday. Despite the manager of the month award in January Saturday's defeat to expend -- -- happened that I was ready to pull it arrived. I'm pretty good bottles full before. But I didn't quite a bit dull it takes charges that we had trouble -- to have TV headache back it's the -- -- strike. Bogeyed out of -- she remains sidelined with a foot injury. Which means veterans they'll that choice you can Stew would tell -- that continues -- sweepstakes. There -- three that the games being played on Saturday facing South Hampton quite a history is that Liverpool. It's that -- take the West Bromwich Albion to protect the stadium. Plus also will receive that battle for a couple nights when they travel to become witness -- sixty.

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