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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is disappointed there will be no English contingent in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals after his side was knocked on Wednesday.


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England's 1996. The -- -- -- on the radio twist it was -- -- cinema and John Maine to it was impala. It was also the last time that knowing these -- reach the last eight of the champions league. A Wednesday night by needing me to 2015 would be another -- -- that in his thoughts on the continent for coming off of exit from the tournament. It's massive. Disappointment for -- truth or. Because sort of known -- -- -- what you missed about. If you think it it's -- -- wake up call for us because when you think that commitment to human united. Sure it's Ian Dobson or go to know quote fund. It's a long time. That. But it's not that means that the rest of pure opinion from bonus quote back when Moss and them. That you have to do. To take that into consideration in the way you think about. The future for prominently. Despite missing two in the second night against Lyon also went out on away goals steal oh my goodness. Austin bank will now be facing on finishing the season in my opinion it's helpful to grab a spot in the champions league next in. You'll -- hoping that's in seasons to come off snuck into -- it and the the seventeen years before in this cup player to make the quarterfinals. Again.

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