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Current Video:Recap: Millwall advance to semifinals of FA Cup|

Find out on FOX Soccer News how Millwall came away with an FA Cup quarterfinal victory to advance to the semis against Wigan.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Wednesday was also FA cup replay -- -- -- and Blackburn it's just three days ago that they plates would Dahlia combative -- no -- in London. So what's in the park for this one I'm with some of the worst offenses in the league championship chances work. It would be a great -- there again at stake a semifinal against Wigan. The city as Wigan is a pretty decent sized backs could be a very winnable match the right seventeenth minute Blackmon from the corner. David Dunn field -- and onto his right foot. Just targets. That they could what Jason Lola is dependable but once. But twice. In the books both schools missed by the officials. -- -- -- about that that continues Chris Taylor as the world the next it's not from the will have enough room offensive and Kona. Sit down and the veterans then you should do. Diving and scoring beautiful though he deserves that one with Milton -- the rough one mil. Now suited Angus quickly taken to show it off I don't know what they do that since I don't rule when you still -- -- Sixty full of Leon best position -- off the -- but it -- and -- make an adult and saving clearance off the line. We'll get some points from. Sure you can say that this gets into the books. But he -- his opportunity wide of target equipment and out injury excellence Taylor -- -- in the -- -- All the time in the world that's likely the intangibles foes -- Atlanta -- will hold onto the loss to the semifinals. It may be at its ups and is the fifth time in the history on that. -- if one wants. Or lose and we go to Manchester United in our face that we must have been 99 when he -- -- and -- -- -- -- Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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