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Current Video:Recap: Malaga pulls off the surprising victory to advance|

Check out FOX Soccer News as Malaga were able to score the goals they needed and shock Porto to move to the quarterfinals.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The first leg between Malaga imports that was much close to the Portuguese champions had plenty of chances but only managed a one and a win in Portugal that left the door open for Malaga in the second -- and what could have been their last European competition for a while. The Spanish outfit has been banned from Europe for a year for failing to pay wages on time so would it. The dream continues. From Malaga. Try to keep it alive but Bordeaux has mentioned ahead one nail on aggregate unbeaten in their last sixteen games as well headed into the one ninth minute -- -- -- Setting up then you will be shot though. Sharp angles and sailed over the boards 27 minute -- even before. Unleashing a strike from well outside the area and that's not gonna find the net as well 45 minute Malaga. With the corner kick it's clear that two and two events. Whose powerful right. Once you know by -- out of that save to keep this one scoreless. Great effort with the right hand fortieth minute chance to Malaga -- Can't catch the -- and -- over -- years the school put its waved off as Julio Baptiste. Well kind of runs and -- was pushed in -- actually made contact but. Either way it's -- -- 43 minute -- go outside the area. About this right. Absolute. Brilliance. Want one on aggregate absolutely no chance for Helton. As Malaga the dream living on. To the second half -- -- forty ninth minute walking taken down by -- -- has shown a second yellow card in the or -- to play with ten men pretty stupid challenge their 75 minute or so with the free kick. Jackson Martinez. Getting behind the defense -- ball -- He just gonna miss the target. That close to a huge goal 77 minute no matter what the reporter Roque Santa proof that hitting into one man. On aggregate no extra time -- would be need in this 181. Minute we're gonna go Portillo with a forty kid. Might come on. Looks like he's scored when it's cold outside have another look pretty clearly was off sides of the ball there's -- -- got thrown to. Aggregate huge huge. Victory is Malaga the first Dayton team to advance the champions league quarterfinals and taught them. In points and won eleven rookies that are truthful and -- -- champions league goal. His 59 games first in the knockout stages and his first since 2006. Malaga. Now joining round Madrid Barcelona in the champions league quarter finals the last time we gladly get clubs. Made it to the final eight was back in 2002200310. Years ago Real Madrid Barcelona and Valencia represented Spain. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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