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Current Video:Recap: Arsenal close but yet so far away|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Arsenal was one goal away from a result but came up short as Bayern goes through to the quaterfinals.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you miss if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. The Cubs didn't fight it -- -- against fine Munich down 31. From the opening -- missing Jack -- and back -- Sanyo and Belichick shares -- not to mention the fact that -- and haven't lost Austin and five champions league gangs. And so far this season behind a conceded only forty goals at home in this tournament so it wasn't the conceded. For the guys. Now they go to school at least three goals mind you -- is without a lot slopes Weinstein. Bravery. And -- -- still evidence taken -- this feel welcome. With some spice picks out alleviates your -- right runs also defending but this one -- Guns they told friends from both woods has become blind from the corner pit Bulls -- this thought about that is that it's Silverado. With a ball. Though he had no evidence that yeah. Inadvertently cleared to Thomas Miller and can you think Jim obviously but just slight angle shot since my post. 4000000032. Up on and be good at half -- second half action now more from behind audience rollback in the infirmary really. Just look hard work -- this wise and he goes just wide. And that's the sixteenth. More from behind this time you're still -- -- with the books the voting at the tunnel that dips. Because just. Wanted a -- go full minutes off the -- check out movement. Tomorrow look back -- back to a bit of bad breaks and surely surely this is a gold let me know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Still reaped some of the both led seventeen of his possible sent to the pole and Cedeno but given go to being -- sliced the finish it off. But this was the shot just wide. Must -- both Monfils who wouldn't be too little too late full minute to go in that snow is going to be the floor from -- Kona. Willing to Shell the -- lord he still gets up and schools miss light skinned and on snow the wind -- both legs thoughts. Fortunately we've done is looked on in the goal line of bonds. When it counts for the way Eagles also that exited the chances they get lost sixteen states each of the -- -- seasons. And has won the reality check moment this was their first home loss to the competition this season after the match awesome thing that could forget this Johnson's. Faster to me children to school. Or I think the world the chance of -- you think it won't would you who couldn't. To give the quarterback and coastal. Do what's -- and maybe you -- opposite he's -- to -- it took. This period and the performance. Wasn't. Hopeful that we had. Great group. It was great trip tonight of course she's from the first game we think that record -- -- very very -- Gordon and lost five minutes. Do you -- cost 21 homes you know were -- -- for authorities to my. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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