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Current Video:Recap: Schalke 04 v Galatasaray|

The FOX Soccer News crew analyzes Tuesday's UEFA Champions League round of 16 clash between Schalke and Galatasaray.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed he didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Over in Germany things were even closer schalken and -- task right -- 11 in Turkey in the first -- of course -- was your birth right -- -- going for gala of the Turkish striker has been a one man wrecking crew in the champions league this season scoring seven of his team's eight goals and also. Bryant would factor into this one as well as -- unbeaten and their last five matches against European sides headed into this one pick it up for the six minute. What's the new additions Wesley Schneider finding another new addition Didier Drogba -- on goal but Timo Kobe -- -- the punt that one out. And keep a level seventy minute now shot with a corner Benedict how it is veteran -- -- would find the putter rolling noise that who puts it on the shelf guy in front won their only lead to one. On aggregate police seventh minute we go -- has a lot of free kick. So that -- -- 7400 Elton off the flyers from distance beating all the Bryant. As the matches all knotted up -- two on aggregate headed for extra time potentially. You probably know because in the 42 minute Albert rarest sliding tackle moved the ball up war you don't let us. Food champ -- the -- -- task right lead with two on aggregate. You knew we would figure into this one. We go to the second half. And in the 56 minute kill before answering it is you who keep getting around the defender but he shot to the way by preventable player. That close. Eleven leveling this one up and go to the 61 minute now Julian blacks were -- the lead offenders. Goes for goal. Would just fire why that would have been spectacular 63 minute scramble in the gallery that's what -- That's who don't see that means you feel bass goes. Who leveled the match on aggregate weekly report -- the leading. On away goals aplenty still to be decided in -- it needs to be aggressive to the final seconds. Of stoppage time we would go well. Rolling the ball throughout the job wakes up field. He's gonna feed a ball through Portland who moved. Who stays on side is that this is shot stopped but that's okay good buried the rebound -- that's right when this 132 day. -- threw for forty. Burke realizes now scored even got task was eleven champions league goals this season shot got. Bounced out of the champions of that being shut out in a single game. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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