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The FOX Soccer News crew breaks down Barcelona's historic UEFA Champions League round of 16 comeback against seven-time winners AC Milan.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you -- that you didn't watch fox soccer news last night is that the boss limit for this one as nations and they'll. From the first leg Hossa have been nice -- just twice in the last point champs league meetings but have no -- no it's boss. Is awfully good you know Leo Messi plays and no one to admit that you look at that for a finished I think things couldn't get better. But it's been since the brilliance. See one now. Over two legs in the men's -- the thirteenth on this in yet that. Let's one good good and and begun with a -- onto the -- will miss next thing. Found this place maybe they're done benefit that we'll be enough you'll still remains to one from both legs. Seventeenth double faults in yet to -- Yorvit from Pistons at the body doesn't off. It's have been around the post football stuff looking brilliance big games the one who played on the third and Fourth Amendment that was once that the -- -- We Shiancoe dropped eight guys that as Victor Valdes making easy easy say that I. Combined again on the breakaway and it -- -- confines. Of what we'll put that one be important well right. Off the bat -- he's not in yet that tenacity. On that big left foot and another. Ring and go with slide up on and the good swim suit as the nation's veterans within that left off -- -- that did you feel any better. Second off now 48 minute message. Out runs his defense. Engineers in space. -- -- ego makes another -- you can get medical school fifty feet you'll be. The data via phone. This has -- the dogs in this match and that is a vintage finished one via. Hossa had the edge in the ascendancy as they say this reads -- -- bootlegs and second and more now that the other way. Wouldn't cut it before Boston man picks out what videos and Tony Alba doesn't really well they have to defend it and it's -- mouth -- about. But this one away. So yeah it did there into another. -- -- -- It's. Yet again indeed what they performance -- -- sports suit. But the both legs Millen. I consider at least forty goals now confines of the last seven away games -- the champion knockout -- -- do. And we will miss him via in the starting lineup -- at the scored fourteen goals. In 16103. Games to watch fox soccer news every night at 10 PM.

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