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Find out who would move on to the next round of the UEFA Champions League after AC Milan stunned Barcelona 2-0 in their first leg at the San Siro.


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This night his seven come back from that single Thursday and think about the benefits of the late goal. He about the difficulty of what bill still went out to be 2000. Soon as the yes he's not bouncing up. And who knows that. This -- -- he felt his way. Scott -- out of the I don't read now is the night. They use them ignited. Some steam -- this evening. It saves and posted. Explosives -- kids and how we all old slant on aggregate. -- again tonight. Yeah easy Ed Johnson. Brought back -- to. It is still clothes he gets the goal look at this buses no. So -- Of the good -- finished. -- You -- polygamy gets mad -- Tony -- What a talent that is just as well as any of the goals that exceed. Brought the house that tonight -- this -- the talent. To not being here. Tonight it most of the and the team the victory at -- it is now. Boston. -- -- Not to brutal it's not an impossible until. Please do all the -- typical of the finals week revealed that this.

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