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Current Video:Tuesday's UEFA Champions League recap|

Check out the FOX Soccer crew, as they breakdown all the important action that took place on Tuesday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

6 teams have now confirmed their berth in the UEFA champions league quarterfinals which begins in April. To a Spanish clubs Rleal Madrid did it last week with a big win in Manchester United Barcelona. Had a little comment some of the critics out -- performance today woods. Into the woods. On the movement is sex and messy sixth time. Well. 55 minute. Penny below the goal that essentially won. The series for -- -- really isn't who they wanted it would it in the expose the weakness. Immediately and that's what makes him so good bit a bit -- one of that the best teams in the world and second that they lose able to get it back. And and just going to. Picture of the battle or you click out for 12 that's when they go that's when they can Brian -- now with 53 goals this season and all competitions what is his performance that you -- -- respect -- -- -- so sharp with the voters be -- bring in players that. Dilfer from -- they just didn't really have that out and that was the biggest difference from the fifteen was impaired it would provide. The -- play. And if you can't get out Barcelona in the case and they made him pay -- three unbelievable goals -- four as far as breaking down teams quickly. And yeah I mean that's just such an -- -- can defend. While some of specialized as well that just -- you and I'm -- -- -- Jeremy dissect its time and then when you've got some allotment seized by far the best of his generation. Monty might be one of the best class ever in the in the world they're gonna punish an -- quickly. Not winning this because there because -- -- the -- by some onto the defendant with the long ball. But I just pressurized as soon as I -- which is not very often they winning back quickly I thought he was average. -- -- How unbelievable -- it's a joke. Nobody can do that I keep those and you just suppose so quick off the street top corner goalkeeper can't even react it it's just fun to watch -- -- -- I think when you. -- who played the guy in a way sometimes well. And that's when you not -- played -- -- when you look at him and you think he's a phone numbers like someone's got their finger on the fast forward -- at times it's it's just not right it's not -- if you. Are gonna beat them like. Maligned in the first -- you have to have everything perfect. The passing was accurate and it they're pressuring the ball closing down space is was perfect and if you don't do that you're in trouble so it just goes to show. You need all aspects and Milan didn't have it and messing with his eighteenth multi goal game. The season that's that's that's. That's a wonderful career on -- a lot of people about this until you're at eighteen by the great eighteenth but let's go really upset of the day if you will FC -- -- At home. Series tied with counterstrike -- is that the tour -- really impressive on the day getting. Three. It's. More success. -- your -- They proved it again today full commitment. I think I think the commitment of the group was fantastic but that this is also a club. Who wants to compete in this competition very similar to that is -- they went on they got drama but it was a -- they get outs and -- for goalkeeper is a phenomenal but I. I think this is in its okay we're gonna spend some money. And we're gonna see how far we can take this surprise to many. But it's Celek that took their foot off the pedal for sure today and ending up on us. And Erica we talk about pace and power the difference that makes today it was about passion and power because they were at every ball he challenged and you saw the last hole. We decided that we're ninety minutes and on this we're gonna kill it off with an eight Goran -- the third goal. This could be a defining season and now we just were doubts -- -- but Turkish soccer in general -- NBC nominated as a runner. You could see a lot more big time talents like Drogba like Schnyder. Find a way to Istanbul and some of the other Turkish out so we now have six quarterfinal teams confirmed. Again two of them from Spain -- -- Madrid. Barcelona quarterfinal draw you can see it live Friday. 7 AM eastern on fox soccer to war games coming your way. -- --

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