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Current Video:Tuesday UEFA Champions League Preview|

Watch FOX Soccer News as Bobby McMahon takes a look at AC Milan's visit to Barcelona and Schalke's hosting of Galatasaray.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is what you -- if you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Yeah Bob is back real champions league a chat as we look forward to the weekend on Tuesday the marquee matchup is Barcelona the return leg against AC Milan along with that huge two nil win at the -- zero. But going back to Barcelona and looking back to that -- you know win. AC Milan did more than just parked the bus that we're actually pretty good night game. The dead did on the tactics up sleaze ball on a leg -- and and malign a -- bustle before things you before in the sand delay and delay some. That we this an all time major League City definitely -- Barcelona. Obviously need also opening night eighty would -- easily fixable but helped nullify Macy's. The flea season long diagonal balls trying to get him inviting John Albers Netherlands always successful. And then spring and Nelson I'll leave it what it did you occupy -- -- the stole the ball went forward so. They did all the -- generate things in the thing is that the -- Barcelona really disappointed not -- the position that is elated said before the game the idea -- to -- to Barcelona could -- could that -- didn't do anything Paula still within within that the nation -- -- he pretty much if -- the fight knowing that Barcelona -- more of the ball maligned. But the objective was not to be Billiton Allenby gained just not exactly -- bustle and just didn't convert any chances. Did things get shut down Barcelona of the way we landed but I still can't get past the fact that they were able to put to pass -- -- Yeah well but for seasons and seasons we've talked about Barcelona the weaknesses of the fans and there's so many so few teams have been able exploited not because prix -- We you know suitable anymore and when you do get on them inflation -- and usually call fault. Maligned. To the pool very very well nothing this is probably did that they can -- Botswana. Is it critical -- and too often and it might there be peace in this in this scored goals as much money. People line from scoring goals and twelve points sure it was a world peace. And in time they can cause Barcelona some problems and not probably going to be a big issue for. Arsenal is trying to keep it clean sheet we haven't done too often this year. Junker and -- task right knotted up -- ones they had back to Germany shot that was really struggling in the Bundesliga headed into that first leg but couldn't really tell. -- don't rate the -- a slump to an end but Ted played very well and -- gave them -- -- When the loss to the good this league -- to -- Dortmund in the group got to be on on south of these about it was a a big game big confidence boost but for them as well and Julian Wright -- Young -- do we get easy way there it was -- -- -- do talk and meet with teams jumping at least he's no movement from Portland -- -- I -- contributed he's played well. The last few weeks I and then just generally FO that we show -- -- -- game scholar consummated essentially innocently enough to help Louisiana. -- lit spot for college costs wrangle some math and then -- it from -- talking guys -- -- bit. Think he'll be in the -- shall his mind as well as you've still that -- -- he schooled and hopefully. Wonderful goal and not one all tie yet -- and would have been Drogba that you think you -- toss they may -- of a goal in them as well. -- O'Malley going on Wednesday about reports that without one it was a management based on the play the that are Dallas and have a bigger lead if things. The issue dominated. -- couldn't on the chances into goals Molly got going off to a ton there and -- -- up to come into a Shell I think -- to mobile play -- the Kendrick dot. Will play out late but allied Mateen you'll local mutual Gonzales in the midfield. I you've got Rodriguez not to -- front -- -- little. -- -- -- from went by I think. Report to have a really good position to -- a -- and a weak goal and if they do not -- -- Molly got a good -- to be so I've kind of -- he -- to go through yet. Finally volley Barney unit returns home with a 31 lead over Arsenal to the -- and any shot whatsoever. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- band that -- dug themselves dug themselves a muscle pool and when it's and it just kind dig themselves out of this one. Yeah I think guys probably hang on on that one as usually are Bobby thanks a lot for us. Thanks very much guys. Watch fox soccer news every night at 10 o'clock.

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