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Current Video:Brian McDermott's tenure at Reading is done|

Come see FOX Soccer News as Brian McDermott was let go as manager at Reading.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed -- you didn't watch fox soccer news last night. Now like the -- Lee has never been easy for reading a young hill club the best that won the league championship last season and return to the top flight. For the first time since 2008 but despite some thrilling performances point nine matches in the primarily get left them with just 23 permanently points on Monday the -- fell on -- -- Brian McDermott. The 51 year old led the Royals who just their second stay in the front of -- but Russian owner and Suns again and it's. Felt that having new man in charge was essential in their fight to stay -- -- have lost four straight from the league tilts. Highlighted by Saturday's loss in the days the -- fellow relegation funds Aston Villa and currently sit at nineteenth in the table. More embarrassingly level on points and if you feel. I'm lucky because he's been actually fantastic trust -- -- particularly -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple of things given particularly don't extension from the white commercial. He's going to be disappointed. Bathroom you know that you notable result -- different and I'm sure he'll say that. As much as anybody else from as a player I'm disappointed in that days. Redding did release the club statement that read in our current situation owner and sons and get of -- felt that the change was necessary. The search for a successor will start immediately and it is hoped that a new manager will be in place it's impossible to lead the fight against potential relegation. Here's what Brian McDermott accomplished since taking over -- in December of 2009 minutes in total of 169 games. He won 76 of them. Giving him winning percentage of full 45 BC. This season they have won just a total of five league games that does happen in nineteenth place the premise. So reading sacking of Brian McDermott leading us through tonight spent his own question what's firing Brian McDermott the right move for -- The response has been let off the shelf. -- whoever takes over it definitely has their work cut out for them former Swindon town off -- Daniel. Is one of the favorites the book he's liking him -- Former Chelsea possible to do but they'll also in an exits well there and keep the Royals up won't be easy for anybody there's. Doubt that the club would take the risk and Ken -- never managed to roughly one anyway. Former Southampton manager Nigel on pins and -- and current assistant night against reported to be the club's other interest. Was fox opinions every nights at 10 PM.

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