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Current Video:FA Cup, Premier League Review|

Check out FOX Soccer's Bobby McMahon as he reviews all the FA Cup and Premier League matches from this past weekend.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's what you missed it didn't watch fox soccer news last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then at the end they were lucky to hang on and force the replay. As incredible watts just. Of solely wanted to based games I think you'll see moves at all season. Agony into and a two goal lead and they've -- really public debates wait to get that two nothing lead bit. -- to go -- the second -- -- he has made a couple of but substitutions. You made you pizza you have visibly in the world beginning to that flag with with that. Physically on -- fully and I there's a long things I've seen them on -- new team give the ball away. So often and so easily in the face of this from Chelsea to go -- in that second life COLT was. It was really some say actually who defending little from Monty if they ever think you point a particular thing that I had been rebounding the -- Got him out for a few days and as the game went on -- we would play is only going to be Chelsea is available please go to went out and I was from -- that was a -- thing here. -- in the half a miraculous saves in the last couple of seconds from boxer. And Chelsea was I've got these two come from behind win it that it probably does have on the base in the second half display. We've mentioned a couple of moves that -- made in this one all right Bobby does he know what he's doing or not. -- -- Well I guess everybody has an opinion on not one band that at I'm just amazed that after Chelsea funds can simultaneously. Boo when say that matter Conchita and the other say that -- as -- off on testing ability of. Let's stick with Sunday about a huge from a league match up Liverpool playing host the Spurs don't think too many people were surprised that Liverpool or were able to hang with -- but the fact that pulled off the victory would did you notice some self destruction a part of -- them. Well let's say Atlanta you didn't -- that part of it is you with his posting it on to some pretty. Freel in and day is almost lackadaisical defense from Liverpool to get the lead in from 21 point there was a media Tama filled with so -- thought abruptly just. Terrific magnificent group all of the -- -- go to school so we scored the goals that we deeply and -- we visit out. And they count walk and humility single and a double life and I don't know what -- of us think that we try sky -- spot to release from the opposition -- issued just cleaned I mean -- -- -- -- Not gonna -- to -- to remain a yet did mean to fall -- and awesome with -- Again into the mix as well and and then -- won't get Nen given Liverpool family. And suddenly Liverpool of the two open told them look any shaking their heads wondering who the lost the game. Let me check the box office I -- -- didn't score on this thing happened first thought Ellis Liverpool able to shut him down. Well I was can end this thing to simply didn't defend like -- that because it played a much deeper and red defensively. I'm the 11 freight and you have black ball even deep but when bill brought the -- the ball. But there -- also quite successful John Holland Tunnel and into that. And replaced the injured his possessions nonetheless still contribute a couple of sets and you still obviously -- Thornton and say that Liverpool because -- if you. Good -- so much attention -- would you rate vending money to keep him off the score sheet. Back to the FA cup Bobby on Saturday and how big of an upset was it to see Wigan pull that off of goodness and knock off -- I think it was muscle by you look at a good he's been given as much as seven to one against we can win in the game. I think he was it good to sit in them and only lost once the of this yet -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is -- to -- -- -- -- field that we can say which team which he -- But if the Eagles -- often and although I just know to stop -- who have Hamilton off the -- when Philip Neville simply culpable in some pretty sloppy -- And then monument if you doesn't come and they said they have a just couldn't play that we bought from -- -- and I've. We himself played well they do. Minus the one thing the -- -- today Everett -- which usually come from being not good enough excitement probably got the better of it. On the defeat yourself up another heated debate over who thought David Boies was taken ever win -- -- in any problems -- -- and continued. It's sort of seem to back -- that -- only accomplished due to some relative success. West from 21 winners over Swansea back and forth some twists and turns in this -- The ball must've twists and dozens and and then some -- some really strange won't smoke -- Lucas once he probably enjoyed the majority of the possession but from what it was being just when they actually kind of -- -- Good did you draw up and -- by Luke would against itself -- normal position. From the beginning of the season. I need to be it Johnson on late and we didn't choose you know with with some wonderful I didn't have the cockpit wearing shorts went up about what. When you've got to be polite and think definitely you we'll love you Gil -- This Bill Walton on -- -- helicopters will be hopefully. I mean if someone had to put it in the Guzman probably divorced. When did Devlin who -- season knowing nothing about -- in the game finishing opens won the. On the dissolution coalition has been this -- all in all it's thanks once he does have the flowing back and -- hockey game as well. Jealous that Bobby a real gut check Massa was for Villa at Redding and now it's cost prime McDermott his job what did you make of it. Well reading I think can't fool -- pulled off of Vinny could display and it was a terrible thing that pleased by the dead. I thought the ball drew particular -- -- defaced his gave us unbelievable bullfighting and take the game. -- more composure and ice in ways we thought an excellent excellent game. And overall I think Austin villages after when it because -- the plea to a cold this and composure out. And rating and by obtains full blown off the nothing -- defeat to wait and as well black the black and as you see cost me Denham is jolt. Watch fox soccer news every night at ten PN.

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