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Don't miss out on this week's best goals from the Premier League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Five of the best goals for the weekend to come kicking off week after I thought the whole. Yes -- better -- and support that but it's outside the flu shot past reading this Stewart tied up like at the end of the best top. -- for it to be this decisive goal this format basically moved out -- the -- three. Authorities Luis Suarez. The premier league's leading marksman found the net for the 22 time this season. That's different guys every place fast. Won't let this thing is if you've got to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that good stuff but -- -- gossip in the absence of a difference yet but -- -- -- that you enjoy your responsibility. It's magnificent free kick that was the Buckeyes -- -- It was textbook -- -- that I -- -- all -- because he's been crossbar to -- back. Do you study goals from queens park Rangers to finish this step to make genus and seal the crucial victory for Harry Redknapp stated. Perhaps it's best time -- -- -- that it was Jeter's best go for the club. I've got goal of the week -- for -- you've got to feel limited to the event should. I'm just so that joined by design life of its busy January beat that was go to Ivy League golf balls up today. We'll back writes Scott. That's magnificent strike felt great just the best back to back at any -- since ninety. I trust them that is to score -- about Phil.

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