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  2. Chris Edmonds2:02
  3. Patriots defense6:23
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  5. Denis Savard5:40
  6. Harry Redknapp1:40
  7. James Morrison3:16
  8. Stewart downing5:29
  9. the Sonics6:13

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Missed the weekend games? Catch all the excitement of this past weekend from the Premier League here.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Brown 29 of the Barclays perennially sold and origins Southampton -- black tower road and inflated all the conditions and with Mosley dominated by the visitors. They couldn't capitalize on a host of opportunities created an -- went out of a lot of slice -- up with the goal of these. Six. It's like to -- -- -- that whites willingness when -- -- And that awarded a penalty and an old coach Phil brought home. The decision soon cost so perhaps justice was done from the spot went home to pick -- site but -- so -- it's a goalless that. You beyond -- this -- -- but that amendment that we victory doesn't sound good. But the author of the come from behind the that we are out of jobs and what shot was -- bad advice from them but Geoff it's about how. What definitely. Greg just couldn't hit the west for a couple levels not just an excellent up the flight ready for the ball. West defended equalized. With a host sites mostly -- off the road and play. That second arrive -- I'll do the right home with the -- that -- that would twenty minutes remaining on the -- comes most towns and volley do you VR had a little less time. At crucial free points with the front office stoppage time approach -- and it cost them they it is hard to nineteen us. -- teams it would show up front to back home plate wins. For the first time since 1995. And a huge result Harry Redknapp inside now to within four points it's like three. A -- relegation six pointer and a nice stadium went away at ask them that up but it was reading me to -- -- just all the hall ballot as nice couldn't quite get it. But at least likable if we know that. But that those responsible. Instead and address violent -- for Chris Edmonds have taken equalizer it was the -- well for the campaign and here would be more important. It's at the -- all of that -- penalty stroke of half time hole laughter. The turnaround after ready to fight he had declared unable to every outcome but we'll multiplied over and it's been one. That was the end of the story but not the drama that the Royals have an intellectual role in the second half. -- there -- twelfth but it like no help but look I think that that was rescue with a pumped up with the whole side. Woods pulled me to the road we're ready and now back in trouble then having walked out of the job done on its good. That day full of incident so wet -- basically. This whole thing but -- the -- went to problem. Ball we'll have a lead -- -- against his former club. So Westphal Bristol are beautiful to look at Brian Lawrence powerful woman in the Hawkins school for the now things. Over all of them. The home side should affect just off the right. We'll wind around late Bill James Morrison in the box -- at a cost in squandered the jobs has -- penalty -- site like double. Fortunately it's kidnappers to costly as moments -- at -- -- headed a corner always and I doubt Rendell that's. The -- -- game open Jonathan Guzman and a lot of credit it would -- okay. Not prove to be -- went up that's -- people like grabbed a share of the spoils three minutes from time but welcome Amare scored the second attempt. But that stopped the flight discomfort that initially ruled -- side despite the fact. -- -- You're comfortable about doing so Westbrook and how well. Also -- it like to be stoked. The guys brought to light just home of the Dallas legend T. So that's double penalty I think it's speed through bowl that joke right right. But you can also find a little tight lipped out on the -- makes it a brilliant free kick just. -- -- -- It took until stoppage time the host to draft and went up so I'm Buffalo's players alike -- toss it up on the -- -- site. I think I needed to help this -- sidetrack the defendant the defense to a that strike lost woven into the third play from trouble. On concluded with a little bowl winning five golf America. Fault them sideways improbable 21 minute one of sparkling face of football and it -- Luis Flores -- in his 22 at this season. -- -- came back on the stroke of half time. Like Arpaio would -- ventilation deliberate again but on the flip ahead I'll try it for a jog. The Belgian defender -- once spent there after the break that he kept myself or defending for the hosts Atlanta you know volley and people -- the -- -- -- this press the self destruct bought into the. Six minutes went wow all of those dreadful -- -- -- could go Laurie is in trouble with the right people -- I don't miss it gives clearance and Stewart downing. The -- you O'Neal played with today. Cracking the top -- alive and I hit. Finally the fifth when Denis Savard -- tell them -- -- and blocks looked up to him on Scott Stevens job of that penalty. -- -- -- -- -- With the FA cup ladies play helper. -- -- -- But the -- of what you beyond quick. Four point 68 feet past -- that was fun of them. How in the glove side at the expense. -- It's no change the Sonics and the thing about just the club's. Told them this the job. It's been that bad grip on the top form placed the ball in the hole and went into the top six -- Patriots defense.

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